Get to know us

The St. Peters church of Christ was previously known as the Charbo & Karen church of Christ meeting at the intersection of the Charbo & Karen streets in St. Charles, MO. In the fall of 2010, the Charbo & Karen congregation sold their property to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO.

Another building was purchased at 7430 Mexico Road in St. Peters, MO, and started meeting in October 2010. Some renovations were made to the building including adding on a multi-purpose room.

At that time the congregation was served by Jim Gilstrap & Jerry Joseph as Elders. Jerry Joseph was the preacher. Jerry & Mary Lou had moved to work with the Charbo & Karen congregation in April 2004.

Since May 2018 Jerry Joseph & Joey Suter have served as the Elders. Jerry also continues to preach and Matt Stewart began working with us in December 2020, especially in Outreach and to preach also. Two of our deacons Joe Leibner & JC Owens also present a lesson each month. Joey Suter, one of our Elders usually speaks every 5th Sunday morning and the young men lead the 5th Sunday PM service. The congregation is greatly blessed with several men who also present lessons for the Wednesday night devotional and other occasions.

The congregation is faithfully served by 8 deacons, Jamie Barnes, John Foster, Dan Hauk, Joe Leibner, Frank Lucas, Larry Miller, JC Owens, and Paul Siebenshuh. The congregation continues to be blessed as a loving congregation reaching out to those in need both spiritually and physically, united upon the Truth, encouraging and exhorting each other to be and to do what the Lord demands.

The congregation is blessed with faithful Bible class teachers who have a desire to instruct and inform from the Word of God. Just as their teaching is based upon the Bible, so is the life that they live. There are classes available for most ages and in the Adult Bible class program, different classes are available on both Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Also, special classes are held from time to time dealing with various topics. At present, we have the "Men's Training Class" every 2nd Sunday following the Morning Worship service, being led by Matt Stewart. Starting this Spring there will be a 12-week "Special Morning Bible Class" on a day and time to be determined to be led by Jerry with other men assisting in the teaching. Also, there will be a 12-week Fall "Special Morning Bible class".

We have special events and activities throughout the year for our congregation and visitors to encourage Bible study and obtaining a greater knowledge of God's Word. In turn, we want to make sure in everything we do that we exalt God and His Word to the extent that we want to make the Lord, the Word, and the Church a priority in our lives.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to come and visit with us. We would love to see you!

Remember God loves you, Jesus died for you and you can be saved by His grace and love as you submit your will to His Will.